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white tiger


Продавец света

Мысли вслух

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С Наступающим Новым Годом!
дед Мороз
Поздравляю всех с наступающим Новым Годом!

Провидение оно такое, раздаёт каждому желаемое или заслуженное, а я всем без исключения желаю только доброго и хорошего.

Всем без исключения и только доброго!

Все остальные слова уже в будущем году.

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Опасность потерять меру и разум спутник любой страсти и идейности. Это, в том числе, и о нашем современном политическом дискурсе. Интереснее всего то, что пену на губах протестной оппозиционной группы, гордо назвавшей себя "креативным классом" и решившей построить вдруг, с…

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поздравляю с днем рождения.

много света и тепла в новом году.

С Новым годом, Костя! :)

С Новым годом! И только доброго и хорошего!!

Видел кто у оленя в союзниках?) Или хозяева...

Нет, я сейчас практически вне инфопотока

World's best cities, 2019

1. London
2. Paris
3. New York City
4. Tokyo
5. Barcelona
6. Moscow
7. Chicago
8. Singapore
9. Dubai
10. San Francisco

По данным Spectator index.

Spectator сам гугли..)

Before joining The Spectator as editor, Boris Johnson had worked for The Times, the Wolverhampton Express & Star, and The Daily Telegraph. He had also briefly been political commentator for The Spectator under Dominic Lawson, but Frank Johnson replaced him with Bruce Anderson in 1995. Succeeding Frank Johnson in 1999, Johnson soon established himself as a competent and "colourful"[30] editor.

In the 2001 general election he was elected MP for Henley, and by 2004 had been made vice-chairman of the Conservative party, with a place in Michael Howard’s shadow cabinet. In 2003 he explained his editorial policy for The Spectator would "always be roughly speaking in favour of getting rid of Saddam, sticking up for Israel, free-market economics, expanding choice" and that the magazine was "not necessarily a Thatcherite Conservative or a neo-conservative magazine, even though in our editorial coverage we tend to follow roughly the conclusions of those lines of arguments".[31]

In October 2004, a Spectator editorial suggested that the death of the hostage Kenneth Bigley was being over-sentimentalized by the people of Liverpool, accusing them of indulging in a "vicarious victimhood" and of possessing a "deeply unattractive psyche".’[32] Johnson had not written the leader but, as editor, took full responsibility for it. Michael Howard subsequently ordered him to visit Liverpool on a "penitential pilgrimage".[33]

At this time the paper began jokingly to be referred to as the ‘Sextator’ – a nickname for which Johnson himself was more than a little responsible – owing to the number of sex scandals connected with the magazine during his editorship. These included an affair between columnist Rod Liddle and the magazine's receptionist, and Johnson's own affair with another columnist, Petronella Wyatt. Johnson at first denied the relationship, dismissing the allegations as "an inverted pyramid of piffle", but was sacked from the Shadow Cabinet in November 2004 when they turned out to be true. In the same year David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, resigned from the government after it emerged he had been having an affair with the publisher of The Spectator, Kimberly Quinn, and had fast-tracked her nanny's visa application.[34]

In 2005, circulation was as high as 70,000 by the time Johnson left to be the Shadow Minister for Higher Education. On the announcement of his departure, Andrew Neil paid tribute to his editorship.[35]

Like its sister publication The Daily Telegraph, The Spectator is generally Atlanticist and Eurosceptic in outlook, favouring close ties with the United States rather than with the European Union, and supportive of Israel.[47] It also strongly opposes Scottish independence. However, it has expressed strong doubts about the Iraq War, and some of its contributors, such as Matthew Parris and Stuart Reid, express a more old-school conservative position. Some contributors, such as Irwin Stelzer, argue from an American neoconservative position.[48] Unlike much of the British press it is approving of the unilateral extradition treaty that allowed the Natwest three to be extradited, and in July 2006 the magazine devoted a leading article to praising the US Senate.[49]

А нефиг было меня в гугл посылать - я там смешное нагуглил ))

У меня переезд

По работе или ?

По работе. 29-го снял новый офис со складом

Какой ты молодец!

Ну ты же в курсе подарка от МЧС ))

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